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Zoom Agency - Corporate Design by Ben Johnston

Corporate Identity for Zoom Advertising Agency.  Graphic designer Ben Johnston was asked to design the complete corporate identity for a the Zoom, a  South African advertising agency. The new corporate design of Zoom includes various elements such as stationery and packaging, a website, and a new interior  for the reception and entertainment area. Ben Johnston is a Canadian born self-taught graphic designer, letterer and illustrator living and working in Cape Town, South Africa.

Source: We and The Color


The new Motorola logo was just unveiled.

The typeface is definitely an improvement, and I have nothing against the pretty rainbow of colours. It’s more… well… Google-y. The main “M” of the logo feels out of place though.


(Source: jvnk)


The Musicmachine

MusicMachine is a music box that looks and sounds out of this world. It contains all the traditional, time-honoured elements of a superlative high-end music box, but designed and configured in a totally unconventional way.

With its dual propellers and twin silver cylinders mounted on sleek outrigger landing gear, MusicMachine looks like a spaceship hailing from a galaxy far, far away. Each of the cylinders on MusicMachine plays three tunes. On the left,  the ‘Star Wars’ theme, the ‘Imperial March’ from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, and the theme from ‘Star Trek’. Back on earth, the right cylinder plays Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’, Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ and John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

By MB & F

(via jvnk)